15 Hours To A Powerful Vocabulary Learn more words in 15 hours than the average person learns in 25 years.

5000 Collegiate Words.   

A Letter A Day Welcome to YO-Words, Remittag's Vocabulary Bank.

Agendaweb Hundreds of free activities to learn English vocabulary online.

Basic Internet Vocabulary Test Learn basic Internet vocabulary by taking the quiz.

Building a Better Vocabulary.   

Christmas Vocabulary Words and expressions that we use at Christmas time

Clases-ingles.com Antonyms, synonyms, professions, human body, word partnerships.

Crosswise Interactive crosswords for learners of ESL - 8 levels.

Definitions of English words List of English words with definitions, pronunciation, and example sentences.

Differences between British and American Vocabulary.  

E. L. Easton Vocabulary  

Educational exhibits about time Time, clocks, daylight saving, calendars.

English Prefixes A list of the most common prefixes in English, together with their basic meaning and some examples. 

English Prepositions Listed A list of almost all English prepositions with sample sentences.  

English vocabulary resources Business English vocabulary, practice exercises, reference lists.

English Vocabulary.  

Estimate Your Vocabulary Size Online 50 multiple choice questions to test your vocabulary size online.

Everyday Vocabulary Anagrams.   

Executive Vocabulary English vocabulary program for business professionals

Faux Amis (French/English) Faux amis and other problem words in French and English.

Fiesta English:  Exercise on phrasal verbs with "get".

Fiesta English: Exercise on phrasal verbs with "take".

Games for vocabulary practice: downloadable materials   

GRE Vocabulary. 

Hungryforwords.com Free English learning via eFlashcards: definition, pronunciation, and sample sentence with audio.

Illustrated Vocabulary > Clothes

Illustrated Vocabulary > Clothing Accessories

Illustrated Vocabulary > Transport

Interjections (oh!, um, ah!...) Interjections.

Irregular Verb Tables The Past Simple and Past Participle of over 100 irregular verbs.

Irregular Verbs  

Learning English: vocabulary Improve your vocabulary with the help of the learning-english team.

Learning Vocabulary  

LEMMA, diagnostic vocabulary test Diagnostic vocabulary test which estimates the size of the student's English vocabulary. Followed by interactive exercises.

Listen-Up! School of English Free exercises to students and teachers of English as a foreign language.

Medical English online Free Medical English resources and exercises.

Noun Synonyms Quiz Printable vocabulary-building exercise.

Passport Online Interactive game-like activities for vocabulary practice.

Prepositions > List of 128 English prepositions

Roman numerals 1, 2, 3 are Arabic numerals. i, ii, iii are Roman numerals.

Say or Tell Quiz Quiz/test with answers on say and tell.

Say or Tell? What's the difference between say and tell?

Spanish-English Vocabulary Groups Vocabulary organised by category, eg. animals, cinema, food, travel, work.

SuperKids Vocabulary Builder.   

Telling the Time How to express the time in English.

The Academic Word List.   

Tower of English Vocabulary Page Find lots of great web sites where you can practice your vocabulary!

VerbalTools.com Essential two-word phrases for dealing with the public.

Vocab Vitamins Thoughtful and effective incremental vocabulary system for advanced ESL students.

Vocaboly Vocabulary learning software for TOEFL, GMAT, SAT, GRE and more.

Vocabulary Enhancer: GRE, ACT, SAT Tool to help you build your vocabulary.

Vocabulary for English Language Learners.  

Vocabulary Improvement Program.  

Vocabulary Level Test.  

Vocabulary Power Vocabulary Power is a large collection of links, grouped by categories, designed for advanced ESL learners who want to polish their vocabulary skills.

Vocabulary Profiler Extracts words between frequency of 7,000 and 20,000 from any web page.

Vocabulary Quizzes. 

Vocabulary Training.  

Vocabulary University  

Word Hacker Word Hacker makes vocabulary learning an enjoyable, personal experience, native pronunciation, colorful root coding, and image illustrations of each word.

Word Sources of English Words English vocabulary words mostly from Latin and Greek sources (prefixes, roots and suffixes).

Word Surfing Helping students learn to use their new words from an organised vocabulary notebook.

YO VOCAB - Your Own Vocabulary Builder

Cooking Vocabulary - Words and phrases to know when learning how long to cook a whole turkey. NEW



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