Accent Modification:  Pronunciation programs, tips and general info for international speakers of English.

Accurate English: Accent Reduction. Specializing in helping non-native speakers of English communicate with confidence, clarity and accuracy.

Alphabet: Anthony Hughes' pronunciation of the English alphabet, complete with sound.

American Accent Training: Learn how to speak with a standard American accent. Diagnostic speech analysis and telephone classes available.

American Accent Training: Learn how to speak with a standard American accent.

American Relaxed Pronunciation: this site may help you to understand "real" English in movies or television.

American Spoken English: Accent reduction advice with many online resources.

An online language laboratory: An online language laboratory with phonologically complete pronunciation guides to many varieties of English.

Better Accent Tutor:  See, Hear, Compare and Evaluate  intonation, stress and rhythm of your speech. Instant audio-visual feedback of intonation, stress and rhythm patterns and syllabic structure of student's speech.

Bibliography of Pronunciation Texts: Good collection of pronunciation text books.

Daniel Currie Hall:  This interactive page allows you to manipulate the setting of the lips, tongue, velum and vocal cords on a diagram, and displays the IPA symbol for the sound corresponding to each configuration you construct.

Dialect Accent Specialists: Information on the well-known accent reduction program developed by Dr. David Alan Stern.

Did the Cat Get Your Tongue? Entertaining article on how to improve spoken English.

English is Tough Stuff: A poem that demonstrates the complexities of English pronunciation.

English pronunciation and the phonetic alphabet:  The most important problems of English pronunciation and how to solve them.

English Pronunciation: Realaudio sound clips.

English Pronunciation:  Excellent online pronunciation help from Okanagan University College.

English, Portuguese, and Spanish Vowel Phonemes: Contrasted phonology of English & Portuguese vowels.

ESL - English as a Second Language:  A Video/TV program for all ages and all nations. A self-teaching tool for pronunciation. Sound clips of selected sounds in a variety of English dialects, as well as other languages.

George Mason University: This site examines the accented speech of speakers from many different language backgrounds reading the same sample paragraph.

Good English pronunciation:  Why pronunciation should be one of the first things that you learn in English.

Homophones:  Words that sound the same but have different spellings and/or meanings.

International Phonetic Alphabet: Complete IPA pronunciation chart.

International Phonetic Association: Includes complete chart of all IPA symbols for all language sounds.

Linda Grant: Provides links to authentic speech samples, including a site with recordings of historic speeches.

Linking in English Pronunciation: The rules for linking words when we say a phrase or sentence in English.

Mouth Workout: Tongue twister exercises to improve problem consonants.

Okanogan University College: Includes QuickTime movies of dental fricatives.

Phonetic Symbols and Exercises for Learners of American English: Sounds of American English, Phonetic Transcription Exercises, Stress Patterns, and Pronunciation Exercises.

Phonics Calculator: Click on the phonetic symbols to hear the vowel sounds. Shockwave needed

Pronouncing "the": How do we pronounce the word "the"?

Pronunciation Advice Sheets: Tips on the pronunciation of English.

Pronunciation Help Forum:  Discussion and help on English pronunciation.

Pronunciation Power: The ultimate pronunciation CD, teaches the 52 sounds in English necessary for clear speech.

Sentence Stress: Sentence stress is the music of spoken English.

Sharon Widmayer: Provides pronunciation instructions for each of the segments, plus additional links.

Sound Pronunciation Chart:  Excellent chart from Language Net.

Sounds of English: Pronunciation help for learners of American English.

Speak Easy:  Offering specially designed programs for both individuals and companies in accent modification and business communication.

Speech Works The Accent Reduction Tool: Interactive CD-ROM designed to help non-native speakers of English reduce their accents and speak English with clarity and confidence. Audio tapes and CD's related to Voice production, pronunciation, accent reduction, and public speaking.

Ten Tips for Reducing Your Accent: Practical advise to help you sound more like a native speaker.

Tower of English Pronunciation Page: Lots of great web sites where you can practice your pronunciation.

Type IPA phonetic symbols online: Online text editor for typing IPA-based phonetic transcriptions

Vowels of American and British English: Compares American and British vowels and diphthongs.

Webfolio: Teaching Pronunciation: Fantastic resource from Allen Quesada.

Word Stress: Teaches you why word stress is the key to understanding rapid spoken English.