Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

BBC - Balamory  Click on the houses and listen the the text as you read it.

Book Pop - Barely There  Childrens' stories read in American English.

California Distance Learning Project 

Christmas: History

Christmas: Trees & Mistletoe

Daily Yoimuiri - News Voice  Read the news then listen

English Tapestry

EnglishBaby.Com's Lessons - One Minute English - One Minute English - Accidents - One Minute English - Complaints - One Minute English - Ordering Food

English Language Listening Lab Online Free Language Lab with over 200 free audio clips. Improve your English listening skills.


English Listening Skills and Activities-Effective Listening Practice

ESL pronunciation website

Everyday English Audio, video and animated lessons

eViews Listening exercises for advanced English students.

How to Hear English Everywhere

Learn English Pronunciation - A new short story, poem or joke to listen to every month. 

Linking in English Pronunciation 

Listen With Understanding

Mutant Media Global News sport weather and opinion articles. 

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab English listening practice.

RepeatAfterUs Recordings of famous poems and speeches.

Schackne Online Media Comprehensive Media Site.

Shaggy Dog Stories Downloadable stories in mp3 format.

Time4English Over 1000 pages of listening and reading.

Tower of English Listening Page Practice your listening skills.

Movies and Screenplays

Dialogue 1: A Chance Meeting

English Trailers Study English using movie trailers. Hundreds of scripts and screenplays to read online.

The Films and Writing of John Pilger


EFL Music Lesson: Ronan Keating

John Mitchell - Poetry in Music  Songs based on the works of well-known English and American poets. 

LionCave stations Arabic, international  songs, live Arabic TV and radio, newspapers.

RPM Records Online Record, CD and Memorabilia shop.

The EFL Music Web Site/Ronan Keating Practise your listening and reading, grammar and vocabulary.


3ABN Radio Network

BBC Online

English Everywhere - Radio  Resources for teachers and students

Paris Live Radio English-language radio from Paris.

RadioFeeds UK List of UK radio stations broadcasting on the web.

Voice of America

Television English version 


CBC Television 

CNN News reports from around the world. 

CNN Transcripts

English Everywhere - Television Resources for teachers and students. - One Minute English - Paying the Bill  

Good Neighbors  Online Practice, Role Play and Games.


English Bites - Story Archive

English Language Learning Online Video and audio. Video tapes and audio cassettes for ESL learners.

Orion Video  

Real English OnLine Free Real English Interactive Video series.