EFL Links


4-esl.com Many useful resources & exercises for learners & teachers, plus extensive collection of EFL/ESL links.

A site for the collegebound-GoTo College

ABT Language Studies Free advice for students who wish to study abroad in USA, Britain, Australia, and Canada 

Admissions Office Links

Anglik.net: English online A website created and maintained by a small group of Polish, Czech and German teachers of English. Wide range of resources and links for anyone learning English as a second or foreign language.


Arizona TESOL  

Asian Absolute Translation,  marketing, new media, typesetting, web sites, consulting, design and copywriting.

Aspect International Language Academies 

BECTa - British Educational Communication Technology agency

Big Business Web  Business


Buckswood International Summer School 

Cailfornia TESOL 

campwww Interactive English learning site for the Whole Wide World.

Carolina TESOL 

Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research (CILT)

CIA World Factbook

Commonwealth Electronic Network for Schools and Education

Commonwealth Institute

EasyEnglish.com  Easy English. Free, online standard English tests to help identify learners' English language problems. With answers, explanations and advice.

EC for Learners Lessons and interactive pages for ESL learners.

Eclectic English Online exercises, tests, quizzes, vocabulary, English grammar and more.

Ecnebi Synergy in learning English.

EdHelper.Com  information for teachers and students including many lesson plans.

Educational Marketing Marketing

Educational Statistics Software Multimedia courseware for probability, statistics, mathematics, biostatistics, design of experiments, quantitative psychology. 

Education and School resources: An educational resource site for the community.

EducETH The English Page Information for students and teachers on various topics. (literature, media, language, discussions, etc).

EFL Planet Homepage A site dedicated to teachers and students of English as Foreign Language.

EFL.NET, the English learning site A great site for learning english. Includes downloadable software and online games.


El Rebumbio Quizzes, ideas, materials, links, for both ESL/EFL teachers and learners.

ELS Language Centers

Embassy CES 

English Bites English Bites is a television presentation and web site designed to help improve your English language skills.

English Edit  Editorial services for academic writing:  a great list of links for all kinds of writing and academic resources.

English Forum Online exercises, message boards, web directories, ELT book catalogue, Good School Guide, news and other resources.

English Grammar Free lessons and tutorials on English grammar, for ESL students.

English Language Schools Directory 

English Maze  A unique, cutting edge web site for learning English online.

English Plus

English Specialist A site for students and teachers of English as a second language with exercises, worksheets, texts, topics, grammar, distance learning, fiction, jokes, games, useful links and resources.

English The Easy Way Everyone can learn English; this site explains English, so that everyone can understand.

English the international language Free lessons, resources and advice for learners of English.

English Zone A very nice site to learn English for free. It contains lots of sounds.

English, baby! Learn English from American movies and music and interact with native English speakers.

Englishjet Lots of FREE online EFL - ESL English as a second language resources for students and teachers of English.

EnglishSpace study English grammar, reading, speaking and listening with your friends and your teacher. Over 250 interactive lessons with full audio, Flash and JAVA make studying in EnglishSpace easy and fun.

ESL Monkeys Free lessons for students and teachers.

ESL Resource Center Free ESL resource website containing lessons and useful links for ESL/EFL students and teachers.

ESLgo.com Classes and message boards to help English students. Also Business English and Speaking resources for teachers.

ESLonLine The one stop site for English as a second language teachers and students.

ESLWeekly ESL/EFL jobs, ESL/EFL links directory, translation services and resources.

E-Tutor K-12 curriculum online.

European Year of Languages 2001

E-Writing Center publish your storeys online FREE.

FinQ.com. links to major newspapers, search engines, and trade magazines and government agencies.

Fluent English Newsletter, discussion group, shop for English learners, translation services, downloads, links, jokes, tests and much more.

Free English lessons, software and games Practice your English grammar and have fun with our free english software.

Free ESL Materials, 700 Idioms Free printable guide to 700 idioms, articles, short stories.

Free ESL Online Resources Lots of free activities for leaners of English a second language.

Free ESL Resources Learn English online. Vocabulary, grammar, quizzes, tests and more.

Free material to LEARN/TEACH English! Courses, documents, tests, cliparts, chat rooms, forums, games, classifieds, interactive pages... Everything you need to learn or to teach English, 100% free. By an English teacher.

Geographical Association

Georgia TESOL  

GEOS School 

Global Village English Centers (GVEC) 

Hawthorn English Language Centres 

How to solve a problem: An excellent resource on how to define and solve a problem.

Imagination Ink Dedicated to promoting cross-cultural awareness through EFL education and entertainment in the Hamanako, Japan area.

Indiana TESOL  

Isabel's ESL Site Exercises and activities designed especially for secondary students of English.

Japanese Language: The number one resource for everything Japan.  From sukiyaki to kanji, learn all about the language and the cultural elements of the Japanese world.

JobNext  Online employment service includes free resume writing service.

JobSpin.com - The Best Job Search on the Internet.

Know It -- Do It

La Mansiَn del InglÚs Web gratuita en espanol para aprender InglÚs

LAL Language Centres 

Language Immersion: Language school reviews and study abroad guide. From student to student, MyLanguageTravel is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what's great and not so great about your study abroad.

Learn English at Apronus.com Advice for English learners based on the authors' experience.

Learn English Network Site Games, information and chances to practise your English.

Learn English Today Free resources for esl-efl students: grammar, exercises, fun.

Learn English: Learn English guide, all about how to learn English and how to speak English.  

Learn English: Learn English guide, all about how to learn English and how to speak English.

LearnEnglish A FREE site from the British Council including interactive games and competitions, wordsearches, songs and lyrics, e-cards, links and information about where to study English.

Learning English Website Everything for people learning English as a second language: free on-line learning, directory of language schools worldwide, news, chat.

Leon's EFL Planet Personal website, made as a hobby, which contains a lot of EFL learning activities and general EFL information.

Linguascope   information on many languages, includes web page translation and other resources.

Links to free scholarship search services

Loiusana TESOL

Massachusetts Association of TESOL (MATSOL)

Michigan TESOL (MITESOL)  

Minnesota TESOL (MinneTESOL) 

Modern English Practical Conversational English, Free lessons, tips, esl/efl information, email, chat room, bulletin board. Teacher resources and tefl/tesl/tesol guide.

Mytutorlist.com:   Mytutorlist.com is a free tutoring classifieds website.  You can post free ads, browse tutor and student postings, and find resources on schools, career planning, teaching, parenting, and more.

Nada AbiSamra on TeacherWeb ESL resources for teachers and students, online materials, online tests and quizzes, students' projects.

Nada's ESL Island ESL/EFL resources for teachers & students. Online materials, online tests and quizzes, university projects, links.

National Advisory Centre on Early Language Learning (NACELL)

New York State TESOL 

NGFL: The National Grid for Learning



Online Master in Education: listed the top 100 sites for teachers to utilize for abstract concepts, problem solving, and developing critical thinking skills. NEW


Pennsylvania TESOL (PennTESOL) 


Private Home Tutors: Private home tuition, online tutoring, homework help, exam preparation, group and individual lectures by expert tutors for Maths,Science, English, History and more.

Schackne Online Language Teaching ESL Reference Site.


Spelling/Grammatique  Test your English grammar and spelling skills.

Student International: International Student Advisor is an information rich and completely free resource for students considering study abroad. There are free 100 page guides covering every aspect of the student international life.

Taiwan Teacher An interactive English language resource that features games, word origins, grammar quizzes and a set of categorised English links.

Teacher Certification: The simple guide to receiving teacher certification and the steps needed to become a teacher in your state.

Teaching Masters: Whether you are a current educator or aspiring teacher, the prestige of earning your Master of Arts in Teaching degree from USC, an elite research university, now comes with the convenience and flexibility of studying online.

Teach Your Child to Read phonics and spelling software.

Teach Your Child to Read  Excellent phonics and spelling software.

Teachers Net: The Ultimate Teacher's Resource

Tennessee TESOL (TNTESOL) 

TESOL Arabia 

TESOL France

TESOL Greece 


TESOL Online  

Texas TESOL 

The English Maze  A British-Australian web-based learning system for ESL students, teachers and schools worldwide: students can improve their pronunciation, speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. Comprehensive free lesson plans are also provided for ESL teachers.

The ESL Area (ESL) Quizzes, activities, Resources.

The Globe Programme

The Times Style Guide  Online English grammar help with emphasis on British usage.


United Kingdom Meteorological Office

UsingEnglish.com Learning the English language. Language forum and articles.


Volunteer Overseas India

Volunteer Programs Canada: Become more familiar with the life of others. Experience it in Canada!

Washington (WAESOL)

Washington Area TESOL (WATESOL)

Web Page Content  online resource for writers, information for writing English for an International or ESL audience.  

Web Page Content  Online resource for writers. Especially for writing English for an International or ESL audience, ideas for writing and editing, especially web page content.

Why study English Literature: A great essay on the value of studying English literature.


WWF Learning

www.1-language.com Includes forums, job center, online materials, helplines, chat and links.

www.Antimoon.com How to learn English effectively. Includes advice from people who learned English successfully. Site written in simple English.

York University: York University is influenced by the groundwork of an interdisciplinary thinking where both students and faculty are motivated to hit the boundaries of change